Founded in 1993 by award-winning filmmaker and event promoter, Ty Cooper. After working as the assistant to the VP of Marketing at one of Phillip Morris’ subsidiaries, he decided to start his own business. Since its inception, the company has promoted over 1200 events, serviced hundreds of clients, written screenplays, stage plays, created television commercials, narrative short and documentary films. With this vast experience, every client receives top tier branding services.


Lifeview Marketing & Visuals was initially founded to provide high quality events to the marketplace, which included weekend getaways, concerts, celebrity sporting events, and much more. Later, the company began to receive inquiries from potential clients as they viewed in-house produced television commercials and other marketing activities. The company started accepting clients, providing them with various marketing services including print design, video branding, content writing, marketing plans, and more. A client can hire Lifeview to create an entire marketing campaign or select specific services to meet their needs.


Creative Partners

It Takes a Winning Team of Collaborators - Our team includes photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers, copy/content writers, web designers, video editors, and more. We assign our creatives based on their specialty.


Ty, Brand Consultant

Filmmaker: Director - Cinematographer - Editor

Event Marketer since 1993


Derrick, Photographer

Photography - Weddings, Street Photography, Events


Jillian, Photographer

commercial / corporate, event, and equine/equestrian photography


Client Testimonials

Elizabeth Cromwell
CEO, Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce

“As a client, I had a fantastic experience working with Lifeview Marketing and Visuals, and I can't wait to unveil the finished video in a couple of weeks. we are extremely happy with our return on our investment! Many thanks for your artistic vision and top-notch execution.”

Jayson Whitehead
Executive Director, PACEM Charlottesville, VA

”I appreciated Ty's level of investment in the project. The final result speaks to that commitment as well as his overall craftsmanship.” 

Andrew Sneathern
Attorney at Law, US Congress Candidate, Virginia 5th District

“When I was running for the US Congress, I had to have the highest quality video work for my web site and online presence. It had to be done in a compressed timeline and had to compete with campaigns that were outspending mine by huge margins. Ty Cooper not only delivered, he surpassed every expectation that my team and I had.”

DeVaughn Anderson
Business Owner, Charlottesville, VA

“Ty Cooper and Lifeview Marketing have been a pleasure to work with. They have produced flyers, websites and commercials that have driven traffic to my All About Car Audio Business. I will continue to use them for all of my business ventures.“

Film Projects

America’s Darkest Future

America’s Darkest Future is a documentary addressing the haunted issue of the inaccessibility of quality early education (pre-K) in this country and provides a contrast and comparison to what’s offered in the U.S. and internationally. Most interestingly, it captures an internal look into a variety of pockets in the states where high quality pre-K is offered universally while the majority of the country goes without. Virginia Organizing serves as the film’s fiscal partner, a state-wide non-profit organization located in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The filmmakers have traveled the nation capturing interviews and a profile of the providers of quality pre-K such as CapTulsa located in Tulsa, OK. Interviews from scholars such as Robert Pianta, Dean of the Curry School of Education - University of Virginia, as well as parents, teachers, administrators, government officials, random street interviews, and others with the objective of figuring out why is high quality pre-K inaccessible to the majority of children in a country which once pride itself of equal opportunity through education.

Please contact us if you would like to make an 100% tax deductible gift to help this non-profit initiative to be completed. You may send a check made payable to Virginia Organizing and place EARLY EDUCATION DOCUMENTARY on the memo line of the check and send it to: LIFEVIEW MARKETING, 513 East Main Street, Unit #993, Charlottesville, VA 22902.

Advisory committee members

  • Gail Esterman

  • Juandiego Wade

  • Angela Ciofi

  • Tonya King

  • Sarah Mertens

  • Tara Boyd

  • Ty Cooper. Executive Producer


Mingle is a short film created in New York City about a young man with an aggravating mother who wants him to have baby so that she may finally become a grandmother. He hits the dating to scene to find the right one at a speed dating event. With various personalities in front of him in a flash, life can be a bit overwhelming.

Mingle was awarded with the GRAND JURY FIRST SHORT AWARD at the American Filmatic Arts Awards Film Festival (New York), HONORABLE MENTION FOR BEST COMEDY SHORT at the Independent Shorts Awards IMDB Qualifier, SEMI-FINALIST in the Hyperwave Film Awards, and various selections.

“A succinct comedy of manners with a snappy soundtrack.” — Cville Weekly

“Kudos to director, Ty Cooper, Mingle is a damn good time!” — Comedian Bridget McManus

If you would like to view the film, like the Facebook page by clicking MINGLE THE MOVIE then send a message on the page requesting the link. The link will be sent to you along with the password for temporary viewing.



  • Ty Cooper - Director, Cinematographer, Editor

  • Elisa Rial - Writer

  • Precious Coleman - Assistant Director & Ora (character)

  • Matthew Reid Jr - Tyler

  • Youlim Nam - Serena

  • Camille Jaeck - Isabella

  • Mao Hanada - Evelyn

  • Richard Bird - Derrick

  • Marty Moore - Announcer’s Voice

  • Alex Moody - Original Scoring & Audio Engineer

  • LK Schwendig - Story Concept

  • Fernando Camacho - PA Coordinator

  • Dave Stipe - Recording of Announcer’s Voice, Monkey Clause Studios

  • Fred St. Fleur - Extra

  • PAs - Madeline Lewis, Ekin Demiorors, and Rafael Vargas

Amanda: Writing Completed - Current: Preproduction

Faces of the War - A Cancer Compassion Video Series: 2020

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